Sunday, 14 June 2009

Writing Bullets

An email from Ted Nicholas prompted me to add this about writing bullets.

What's the point of bullets?

  1. You can get over all your important points very quickly.
  2. They're easy for people to read.
  3. They make you focus on what's important.

Of course like any other form of writing there is a skill to designing them. I read Gary Halbert's newsletter when I was learning copywriting and he challenged beginners to copy 500 successful bullets to help them understand how to write them.

Did I reach 500? Not quite but I still have the several hundred that I did do. Like copying successful sales letters, what it teaches you is the rhythm and structure.

Bullets should be designed to tease, to attract attention and to confirm you know what you're talking about.

A tip I learned from Rodale Books bullets. If you're selling a book then include the page number of the book in the bullet. That confirms it's real and leads the reader to want to go straight to that page.

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