Saturday, 4 July 2009

'Perfume from Provence by Lady Fortescue, illustrated by E H Shepard I love the word 'serendipity' that happy happenstance that comes out of the blue.

Last week my sister bought me a book while she was on holiday; a charity shop purchase. It was the title that attracted her knowing my interest in perfume and things concerning aromatherapy.

Perfume from Provence is a period piece, written in the 1930s by an Englishwoman who moved to France with her husband, bought a house and set about renovating it and the garden. With a background as an actress and writer she already had displayed talents and practicality beyond what might have been expected from her upbringing.

It's a delightful little book that made me smile, check my gardening books and gave me several hours of pleasure.

on looking her up on the web I find she wrote several books, had a fortunate escape from the Italians in the war and became a well respected local person by organising food aid to the place she loved after the war.

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