Tuesday, 9 March 2010

How to deal with rejection as a writer

How to deal with rejection

From various talks, panel discussions and workshops

If you’ve received rejection slips which give you no indication of how close you are to writing that masterpiece, then take heart.  You're not alone.

According to authors I listened to at the conference, it never gets easier. Since we pour our hearts and souls into what we write, dealing with the knockbacks is always difficult.

What advice did I glean from what I heard?

Ask yourself if your book is of local interest or family only interest. If so you may be approaching the wrong agent/publisher. Do your homework on where you manuscript will be best placed.

Don’t assume it’s always your fault. A BBC producer who spoke on the panel about scriptwriting emphasised that sometimes scripts arrived at the wrong time because of duplicated themes or treatments.

If you’re interested in writing for radio then here are two sites of interest.

The Writers Room which is a central clearing house for plays for the BBC
BBC writersroom is always on the lookout for fresh, new, talented writers for a changing Britain .

Individual producers are no longer allowed to accept scripts unsolicited.

Developed by De Montfort University with the BBC as a partner.
Writers who seem very successful to us, have their own insecurities in relation to other writers.
The messaage is keep brave, make your writing the strongest you can and of course keep writing.

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