Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Random thoughts from a consultation with a client

Talked to Sara Dale about her book, books and writing in general last week. 

With her book she's moving smartly on towards the end of her first draft.  She has the last few chapters mapped out and on past experience when she sits down to write, it's flowed well with her thoughts crystallised and focused.

The question then is what to do with the first draft.  Thanks to our combined strategy, she's already started making links with people in her field, and those at the sharp end of managing work and life issues.  These links have provided feedback for her that she's on the correct track with the book and also guided her towards topics that are relevant and appropriate.

It's been a fascinating process as an observer and Sarah certainly thinks she's made more progress than she thought possible in only four months with the help of an outside nudger.

Now she's scanning her network for contacts that might help her on the next stage of taking the book to published stage.  But shaping the book from the beginning has I believe been an important strategy that will pay off for her big time later down the road.

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