Friday, 28 January 2011

Interruption of blog writing

Until the last couple of weeks I've had no serious interruptions in any of my internet services.  But I had a week I'd prefer to forget about which led me to tear my hair out.  Well almost.

What it has taught me though is a very big lesson about  at least knowing where all my passwords are and how everything fits together, wireless/ broadband supplier wise.  I seemed to end up in one of those circles of hell Dante wrote about with nobody really knowing what was causing my problems.

And since I really don't like technology, I've been inclined in the past to leave it to others and haven't bothered to get my head around everything.

At least now everything is back to a semblance of normal but it is making me think carefully about how to organise and manage my connections.

Older and a bit wiser.

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