Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Alex Davis; writing tutor

Just wanted to thank Alex Davis for the workshop I attended on Saturday at Derby Library.  I stayed for the whole day though it was separated into 3 distinct sessions.  I found it very useful, especially the practical exercises he gave us to do about plotting a novel.

It's always good when you make a leap in understanding because someone outside of you makes a comment about an idea.  I've had this idea in my head for a couple of years about a novel I want to write, on the basis of what causes someone to kill another human being (outside of a war situation). 

The exercises he took us through made something crystal clear for me because I'd been struggling with the format of how to write it.

Hmm - now that means I have to do something with it!

Alex also teaches at the Quad in Derby and is organising AltFiction.

For more information about his classes go to http://www.alexlit.co.uk/

The other aspect of the workshop I enjoyed was meeting other writers - always a cheering activity to be with those who are as mad as I am about writing.  Or maybe just mad.

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