Sunday, 3 July 2011

Derbyshire Arts supports writers

Enjoyed a day out at Bakewell yesterday for a networking and information day called Writing Ambitions.  This is the second one I've attended and found supportive and helpful.  Speakers included Ali Betteridge, Literature Development Officer for Derbyshire(and thanks to the county for keeping her in post when so many have disappeared) James Urquhart from Arts Council in the region and Catherine Rogers from Writing East Midlands.

There's too many things going on across the East Midlands to include here so I recommend you visit the websites for events, grants (yes they still exist) mentoring and general information.

As always it was a pleasure just to be in the same room as focused, lively writers.  Two of the workshop segments I attended were on dialogue in different media like radio, screenwriting and plays with Louise Page and writers groups with Cathy Grindrod.

I've always avoided writers groups but we discussed how to set up a group that was focused on supportive critiquing and feedback.  Lots of pitfalls of course but lots of benefits if you can get it right.

Bakewell was colourful with bunting for the Carnival and the journey, especially going early in the day, an absolute pleasure.

And of course I came home with a Bakewell Tart.

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