Friday, 19 August 2011

Productive early morning

It's just after seven and I've been awake for over an hour.  Good night's sleep and woke up with the next bit of my novel in my head so fired up the laptop and wrote for an hour.

I do try not to work in my bedroom, I think most of the time that should be reserved for relaxing activities.  But I wanted to catch that fleeting moment.  I suppose I could have just made a few notes and gone back to it later but it seemed too good a mood to waste.  Now I feel virtuous.

I know some of these ways of working are artificial constructs to persuade me to do the work, and I have felt quite lazy recently, but I do sometimes set myself targets.  Like this week I wanted to write ten thousand words of the novel draft.  I may end up junking the lot afterwards but I always feel getting something down on paper or on disc in this case, is better than nothing. 

So far I'm up to about eight thousand so with another couple of days to go I'm doing okay.  I suppose the argument could be about not so much the quantity but the quality.  But I think the quality often comes in the editing process.  At this stage I just want to get the stuff out of my head and somewhere I can look at it.

I'm with Arnold Bennett who day in and out wrote a thousand words before lunch.

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