Monday, 5 September 2011

Csmbridge Treat

We had a wonderful day out on Saturday.  Off to Cambridge on a bus trip; no having to plan, struggle with traffic or parking.

What can you say about Cambridge other than that on a warm September day, it was a joy.  It must be fifteen years since my last visit and it took me a little while to reorirent myself.  Even full of tourists there's a  pleasure walking in a place where every corner can bring you a great view, a piece of history or something just whimsical.

 I'd have loved to spend time trawling through the bookshops; I did pop my nose in Heffers but you need more time.  My niece ventured into the Haunted Bookshop but in the minutes she was there sensed nothing strange.

We went into Kings College Chapel, through Magdalen College gardens where wedding preparations were in progress and of course watched people in punts.  'A bit like Venice,' said my niece.  Well maybe a tiny bit.

Cambridge is a byword for power and influence; it's also a place of beauty and unexpected pleasures.  Walking back past a small church, on a whim we went to have a look and found Trinity College choir rehearsing for a concert.  Within minutes the hairs were standing up on the back of my neck from the sound.they produced.  Tallis or Byrd it might have been.

Then back home, we rounded off the day watching the Hooray for Hollywood prom. 

What a treat of a day.

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