Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Lowry exhibition Lakeside Nottingham

Met up with friend for chat and wander round the L S Lowry exhibition this morning.  I've never been the biggest fan of his style but back in the seventies went to the museum in Kendal that contained some of his drawings which I preferred.

I had the same reaction to this exhibition.  Having come from the north, though not the industrial towns, such scenes were regular sights.  Trips to Wigan and Bolton showed me enough of that landscape to last me.  He obviously had a singular vision and as such I can admire him.  What I liked today were the landscapes and seascapes, spare and bleak, reflecting according to the guide, the way he felt.  One or two of the landscapes viewed from an angle almost appeared to be tapestries.

I'm sure others could find all kinds of attributions and meaning in his work.  IAs someone going his own way from whatever cause I can honour him but wouldn't chose any of his work for my own walls except...

... there was one seascape that appealed in particularly.  Maybe because there was a gentler feel to it or maybe I just preferred the colours. 

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