Friday, 6 April 2012

Writing your book: Why do it?

All professions are overcrowded. If you meet five people at a networking event supplying the same service, the odds are they'll pretty much tell you the same things.

Ah but the fifth time when your heart is sinking to have to listen again, the person in front of you suddenly produces...


What do you think your reaction would be?

Dismiss them as only another supplier?  Or would something subtle start to happen inside your mind? 

Would the word 'EXPERT' start flashing up in neon?

Of course on a level playing field, each person has something to offer, and it may be that you prefer the personality of one of the others.  Mm yes but what about that book.

Especially if inside the book you read some reviews from organisations or individuals with status.  What then?

To widen the field, how about the 'experts' wheeled out in the media when soundbites are needed?  We're probably safe in betting many of them have written books.

Yes there are millions of books published.  Yes it takes effort on your part.  Having helped several people write books, it isn't done without some effort. 

But... if it leads to you becoming one of those experts, wouldn't it be worth it? 

Only you can decide.

This post is based on an extract from The Writer's Little Book... with Big Ideas.  for more information go to

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