Monday, 25 June 2012

End of Writer's Little Book blog

This is sad for me. To announce the end for my blog.

Set up in such hope and anticipation, it was my first Blogger blog.

What was it for and why am I ending it?

When I self published The Writer's Little Book...with Big Ideas, I'd wanted to create a community of like minded people who wanted to write. I was happy to fling ideas about, to see how useful the information I offered would be in encouraging them.

Like a child with bigger eyes than stomach, I never managed to make it work in the way I hoped.

And in the interim my writing journey took me along other paths. Sometimes, well many times, I floundered in the dark, occasionally seeing flashes of light from side paths. I followed some which like the will in the wisp led to boggy marshes or brick walls.

At the beginning of the year I had a serious think about what I was doing, offered my dilemma up to the best part of me, the creative unconscious, and while waiting for some clue, thought I'd have some fun.

That's resulted in a new website, a series that gives me carte blanche to be nosy, (Conversations about Writing) and at long last the flashes of inspiration that have brought all the bits and pieces of the last few years together.

Hence the new website under my name and a new focus for my activities.

Helping writers who want to write non-fiction from a heart centred place.

Should have been obvious really to marry the two elements together, the writing and the holistic work I used to do.

But like the miner six inches away from the gold seam, till that last breakthrough, I was a blind as a mole, feeling my way along, knowing something was there but not what.

So from now on, my main blogging will be from my Eileen Parr blog, also Blogger.

I hope you'll follow me over there. The mix will be much as before, events, quotes, random thoughts and other miscellaneous oddments.

From there I'll tell you about two projects I'm planning. One a non-fiction book and the other a free teleseminar series in the autumn. I'm gathering speakers together, which is an interesting experience in itself.

It will be aimed at people interested in writing non-fiction and over 5 weeks look at the process of connecting with the truest part of yourself and writing from there.

Also because so many people are really bad at sharing what they know and can offer, it will look at some of the tools available and how to use them.

I'm looking forward to moving on, not away from what I've been doing but really focusing in on what's important to me.

Thanks for reading and see you over there.

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