Sunday, 25 January 2009

Writer's Little Book ... with BIG IDEAS

Book Launch event

Only three days to the launch event in Nottingham on 28th January.
Looking at the guest list it's going to be a wonderful mixture of talent there, with artists, drama people, trainers and business development coaches.

I'm hoping that we make some great links and connections... as well as selling loads of books of coure. And by the way I think it will make a good present for anyone you know who keeps saying they're going to write a book but never get started.

Head over to the site, and check out what we're up to. In the next week or so we'll have news about the training, news about the team, and news about what you can receive as a member of the Writer's Little Book Club.

It costs nothing to join and... unless you join you won't find out what we're doing.

See you over there.

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