Monday, 2 February 2009

Writer's Little Book... with BIG IDEAS - post launch

28 would be writers all gathered together in one room.

What a fanstastic feeling with all the creative energy. Plus some of them were also designers, theatre people and trainers. And I've had some very supportive messages since the event.

Which is always good. But what I want is to know how they're progressing using the book.

How many of those in the room will have finished books by the end of this year? Not counting my team of course because I assume that they all will finish their books.

I'd like to think that at least 5 will have some solid results to show. My first author Becky Shaw is about to launch her book Wonderfully Strange. Since we started on her book this time last year, then based on her progress I expect there to be 5 who've made progress close to finishing.

If you can write 1,000 words a day, then in only 2 months you can have the first draft of a 60,000 word book completed.

My team has been a fantastic support to me so I want to point you in their direction as well as telling you how to secure their support as part of my team.

Sharon Roberts - for motivational and presentational training, plus business development.

Babu Basu - for comic writing in and out of business

Kirsty Farrelly - for web trouble shooting and book design and selling.

and of course I musn't forget our great photographer Ed Jasion

Sorry if you couldn't get to the launch - you'd have loved the energy in the room. But make sure you sign up to the free Writer's Little Book Club - that way you can be part of a community and gain support and encouragement for your own writing.

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