Monday, 9 February 2009

Writing for those who don't read

I was reading the Guardian weekend paper yesterday and came across an interesting statistic. That 96% of all published books do not appear as audio books.

That started me thinking. Because having just launched my Writer's Little Book... with BIG IDEAS I had already considered supplying audio and video versions of some of the training we're going to be doing for the Writer's Little Book Club.

Not being very technical I don't keep up with all the gadgets out there on the market. But I have recorded CDs in the past and I know that using a professional studio is not that expensive these days. So I shall start to think more seriously about this untapped market.

Since I believe that if you have the will to write a book, then the means can be found no matter what the challenges. I've worked with dyslexics, I've worked with people with mental health problems and with people who don't especially enjoy writing. Some of the latter don't like writing because they're more image based and some because they have hang ups from school. Not being able to spell shouldn't be a handicap these days.

And there are many people in business, trainers in particular who shouldn't even consider putting pen to paper, or fingers on keyboards.

That's because they are much more vibrant when they're speaking. So I always recommend to them to record what they want to say.

I'm going to discuss this whole topic with my team and see what we can produce. Doing it the audio way will be much faster than going to print. Even when you have digital printing.

I'll let you know what we decide and if you have any c omments, then let us know.

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