Monday, 16 February 2009

Writers' block - 3 tips on how to banish it

Today we have a guest post from another member of the team. Babu Basu is a professional writer for business, with a background in business and a talent for writing comedy. He tackles the challenge that lurks in wait for all us writers. What happens when the words won't come.

Getting in the mood to write

Even the most prolific writers are besieged by writer's block or the overwhelming feeling of, "I really can't be bothered."

Fear Not My Friends - here are 3 tips to banish the fiend.
  1. Step away from the keyboard.

It may sound crazy, but sometimes the best way to get creative is to stop being creative.

Distract yourself with washing, ironing, tidying up, absolutely anything. Whilst you're off doing something productive, your subconscious mind kicks in. Before you know it, the answers you're looking for will present themselves to you.

2 Be passionate and get that goat.

Write about what riles you. What gets your goat or inspires your soul? Writer about what moves or frustrates you and I promise, the words will come flowing out.

3. Make mistakes.

If you're scared to write because of grotesque grammar or spurious spelling, give yourself a break. We all make mistakes! And if you need it, a good editor can even out your errors and clarify your message.

Happy writings


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