Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Writer's Little Book Club -Chocolate corner

I love chocolate. Well to be exact I love dark chocolate and my family and friends often buy me chocolate for birthdays and Christmas.

And I'm always on the look out for bargains because high percentage cocoa chocolate tends to be more expensive.
So imagine my surprise lately when I found a real bargain very close to home. Near us we have a branch of Home Bargains - one of those strange shops where you're never quite sure what you'll find there.

Sometime I go in there for 10p packets of crisps. Yes you read that correctly, 10p. They have enough in to satisfy the craving I get for salt sometimes.

And they have chocolate in there. But usually the low cocoa, high fat chocolate like Dairy Milk. Imagine my surprise when I found the other day some 75% cocoa content orange chocolate for 29p - only 40 gm to be sure but more than enough to satisfy an after lunch craving.

What's happened now though is that I go in and buy 5 bars at a time - telling myself that I'll save the bars to eat over a period. Do I? You've guessed it - of course I don't. So now I've banned myself from the shop for a week while I recover my chocolate sanity.

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