Thursday, 26 February 2009

Writing - will yours win the Oscar?

Today's guest article is from Babu Basu again

A guide to award winning writing.

And the Oscar goes to...

Time is short. People are busy. Our duty as writers is to produce work worthy of peoples’ time.

To many, writing is an unfathomable black art. It allows the world a glimpse into your soul. If people reject your writing, they are rejecting you (or so we believe). Professional writers know they can’t please all the people, all of the time, but by ‘eck, they’ll give it a try.

I’d like to thank...

Like actors, writers are prone to ego, self doubt and fear. Even the best writers are plagued by questions. “Will they like it?” “Will they understand it?” “Will they think I’ve lost my mind?”

Is your writing creation worthy of an Oscar or is right for a Raspberry?

Here are six things to consider.


Who you write for should determine tone, content and style. Assume the audience is intelligent with no specialist knowledge. Explain terminology and keep prose short and to the point. A dash of humour may work for most people and most situations.


Research should be thorough and varied. Numerous sources boost your understanding, creativity and credibility.

Passion + Balance

Engaging and powerful work has passion and a clear sense of direction. However, writing needs to be balanced otherwise it deserves to be dismissed by the reader.

Humanity + Honesty

Finally, never forget humanity and candour. Honesty will grab the reader’s attention, empathy will have them coming back for more.

See you on the red carpet.


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