Monday, 10 August 2009

Anthony Trollope novels

It's probably unfashionable to say I enjoy reading Anthony Trollope. His style of writing isn't to everyone's taste but I find it full of sharp observation on human nature.

I've just read Rachel Ray - the story of a girl falling in love and sticking to her love despite opposition and the possible desertion by her lover. When they showed all the Palliser Series on television I raced through the books because I found them enthralling... and with regard to the political shenanigans, not much different from today's politicians.

Thinking about this blog I found a great site run by the Trollope Society.

What astounded me even before I wrote for a living was how disciplined Trollope was, writing for 3 hours before breakfast and going to work and completing all his books while working for the Post Office. That's definitely a rebuke to all would be writers who can't or won't find the time to write.

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