Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Song writing and what it teaches the rest of us writers

What's the online equivalent of song writing?

To my mind it's those adword ads or the titles of articles.  In a few words you have to bring the reader into to what you want to share with them.

Song writing is an art form and I was reminded of that this week when I heard a Nat King Cole version of Stardust.  It was played to celebrate the anniversary of his death on Monday.  But as much as celebrating his consummate skill as a singer, it celebrated the consummate skill of Hoagy Carmichael.

One of my presents this last Christmas was a Hoagy Carmichael cd.  As a writer I marvel everytime I hear a song that captures my heart in under a couple of minutes.  Magic!.  Whether it's Schubert or Carmichael, The Beatles or Gershwin, these storytellers have it in spades.

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