Monday, 28 June 2010

Lowdham Book Festival - notes

Enjoyed my visit to Lowdham.  First trip so wasn't sure what to expect.  Well organised, plenty of activities, very friendly atmosphere.


Lots of fun working on Amnesty Book stall.  Enjoyed talking to people about what they liked reading.

Met up with some people I know including Jenny from Candlestick Press and Di Slaney helping her on the stall.  I admire Jenny for her enterprise in setting up the press and Di ( a marketing expert) is now helping her with strategies to gain more publicity.  Also Di has her own poetry collection on the way.  All in all a match made in heaven for the two of them.

I'm hoping to get some guest blogs from one or two people I met at the festival.  More on that later in the week.

Also sitting on Lowdham station waiting for the train back, I had a delightful conversation with Claire Dudman author of A place of Meadows and tall trees..  This is a story about the Welsh in Patagonia which came about after Claire's brother visited there.

Oh and I managed to tell Stephen Booth how much I admire his work.

Great day out.

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