Thursday, 25 November 2010

Independent bookshops - update

Finally caught up with reading the Guardian Saturday Travel section.  On the back page some reader recommendations for independent bookshops so I list them here in the hope it may lead some people to them.

Children's Book Centre near Norwich - founder Marilyn Brocklehurst
Scrivener's Bookshop, Buxton
Barter Books, Alnwick
Westwood Books, Sedbergh
Voltaire and Rousseau, Glasgow

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  1. Voltaire & Rousseau is okay – I wrote a poem about it so that says something – but my favourite bookshop in Glasgow is Caledonia Books on Great Western Road; it’s tidier if nothing else but it doesn’t have the cat. The two shops are only a couple of hundred yards apart and if you go down Otago Street there’s another one called Thistle Books tucked away behind some houses so watch out for the sign on your left.