Sunday, 28 November 2010

Moving times

Tomorrow's the day that my friend moves and we're keeping our fingers crossed for fine weather.  We've spent the weekend ferrying her goods and chattels between houses and are now taking a well earned rest.

The combined cold weather and activity has sent up my calorie intake into the stratosphere butI feel I have the best possible excuse at the moment.  All that mental energy expended...

Well that's my reasoning and I'm sticking to it. 

We've had some of those 'finds' like when a pair of boots turned up this morning stuck down the side of a wardrobe.  How can you lose a pair of boots?

And yesterday, she came out of the house wearing two coats, several scarves and two handbags draped round her neck.  'To save packing them' as she explained.  Wish I'd had my camera; I could have sent a photo to her sister.

But now she has one last night in her current rented house then it's on to her own home.  Wonderful. 

We've got our priorities right and started a shelf of books, cookery books, in her dining room.  So it already feels like a home. 

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