Monday, 27 December 2010

Christmas and New Year thoughts

We've had a very quiet Christmas (no great niece so no dawn raids or being submergied under wrapping paper) but it has been full of good food, wine and a great thankfulness to be with those closest to me after the recent bad weather.  And I'm very conscious that here in Nottingham I've been lucky not to be snowed in, stuck with the car somewhere and have plentiful supplies of food.

Over the holiday I've received cds to give me hours of pleasure, a book on breadmaking to extend what I can already do (never thought of building my own bread oven before) and some lovely smellies.  These days I look for experiences not products and I know I have hours of pleasure ahead of me.

I've also enjoyed some films and tv programmes.  One unexpected hit for me was The Nativity on BBC1.  Whilst I couldn't participate in the religious sentiments, the way they treated the story made far more sense to me than anything I was told in my church going youth.  The whole story came together for me with a vision of life for Mary.  Gripping.

Then we watched some DVDs including Nine with Daniel Day Lewis.  Not sure if I read the reviews when that came out but I wasn't expecting a musical extravaganza.  Loved it.

And to get some air we walked to our local canal.  I hadn't made it down there since the snow began but I was amazed to see it frozan over with a coating of snow on the top.  I've lived here for 14 years and have never seen it like that.  The ducks we found were huddled in some open water near a lock and some of the moorhens had migrated to a small stream leading from the canal which wasn't frozen over.

So a lovely time we had and looking back on this year I've been very blessed with loyal clients, interesting work and a widening circle of friends all round the world.

I'm looking forward to 2011; I'm lucky that some of my clients have already contacted me with future work.
I hope that 2011 brings you satisfactions and achievements as well as challenges and I wish you well.

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