Thursday, 2 April 2009

Writing for your business

Writing For Your Business; what stops you?

At the course on motivation I attended last week, the one thing every one was moaning about was being overwhelmed by all the 'stuff' they had to do.

I can understand because in my rollercoaster few years as a writer my workload has fluctuated and I've never been less than busy. So while of course I've speeded up as I've gained experience it still means that the more organised I've been the better.

And I have a habit of attending courses on the Internet which feeds in 'more stuff to do.'

In my own defence I've had to develope some systems to stop me hating what I do. Which sounds odd because I love writing. But when everything is to deadlines and client's brief then sometimes it takes away the actual pleasure of the writing.

One of the mantras I give people especially when they're developing as writers and don't have much confidence is write for at least 15 minutes a day. And I try honestly to extend that method to what I have to do with all the new web technology and social media etc etc.

I have to admit though that allocating 15 minutes a day to blogging doesn't seem to work for me, though I am trying it again for Tweeting.

What does work well for me though is collecting topics, subjects, queries that people have raised about writing and then allowing an hour to write several blogs about those. I get in the flow and they run well. Then I can schedule them for later in time.

You may like to try it if you think it will help you.

Just to remind you- there are more tips and strategies on the website and of course you can buy my first book from there - Writer's Little Book... with Big Ideas.

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