Sunday, 31 May 2009

My favourite mentor - before the term was invented

Years ago I worked with a woman whose life was and still is long after her death, an inspiration to me. She had a 'can do' attitude which for her included taking her children to live in France while her husband was in the navy and starting an antiques business at the age of 57.

It would have been her birthday today and since occasionally I have wobbles about what I'm doing with the Writer's Little Book Club, she's been in my mind quite a lot recently. She pushed and poked and prodded me to try things and long before I ever thought of going into business told me that I should do it.

She was one of those people who despite what was happening in her own life always had something fun to say to encourage other people.

So thanks Madame for all your inspiration and I still feel you egging me on.

Who was your favourite mentor?

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