Sunday, 24 May 2009

Story telling in non-fiction

What's the use of story telling in business books?

If we were lucky then right from our earliest memories there were stories. 'Once upon a time' is the most exciting opening for a child to hear. What's next? What will the story be today?

We don't lose that need for stories. Because I can travel for free on my local buses, I'm often on the bus surrounded by people telling stories. About what's happened to them. About what they've heard. And about the things that concern them the most.

If we ignore that when we think about writing business books, we're mssing a real opportunity to help people relate to what we're offering them by identifying similar challenges and solutions to their own.

At the moment I'm helping my colleague Babu Basu with a book for one of his clients. It's about the story of this man's upbringing and business life seen through his mother's dismissal of his talents and potential.l

And it's a great read because it's full of stories. There are very few people who haven't been rejected at some time. In childhood, in school, in work or in love. We can all relate to the feelings of rejection.

So even if you think you're not a natural story teller, just mull over the stories of how you've helped clients solve problems and think how you can weave those into your sales and marketing.

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