Wednesday, 9 September 2009

What's the offer

This morning I was talking to a fellow writer who like me helps authors to edit their books. We were discussing some of the challenges writers face in reaching even a finished book.

It may sound very anti beginner writers but this is said with a wish to be helpful to them. And save them wasting their valuable creative energy.

Look I know exactly how much effort goes into creating a book, any book. So I think it makes sense to direct the creative energy in the best possible way. And when you think about writing a book, then my question is 'what's the offer' in the book.

This might seem to only have relevance to non-fiction books. But even in fiction there has to be something for the reader to get hold of. To hold onto even if the writer takes them on a roller coaster ride from the start to the finish.

And it's fundamental to any non-fiction book that doesn't have a monopoly of an audience. Unless you've reached the fortunate harbour of people waiting with excitement for your next book then that has to be a major consideration.

What's the offer of my books?

That if you work through the books they will help you develop a writing system, speed up your writing and negotiate all the different stages of a writing project.

So if you're thinking of writing a book or you've started and it's not going as well as you hoped, then go right back to basics.

What's your offer to your reader?

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