Saturday, 5 September 2009

Writng effective words for the web

This is an excerpt from my digital download book called "How to write effective web copy." More details at

If you have to write for your website, maybe for your book, then here's a simple way to start off finding what are the most important points to include in your text.


Sit down and write out all the questions people have asked you about your business over the last few months.

Now answer them, clearly and in simple terms.

Then discard your frequently asked questions page and instead write your website based on the questions.

If there are constantly similar questions that come up when you’re out networking, or explaining your business to people, then that’s what’s important for your website to focus on.

They will be the core pages of your site. How you arrange the information within your site will depend on how you want your visitor to access the information.

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