Monday, 26 April 2010

Writing Bullets: how to do it for maximum effect

Bullets are a major weapon in your writing armoury.

Want to whiz your reader through your text?
Want to make your points fast?
Want to catch those scanners and skimmers on your website?

Bullets are what you need.

Writing them for effect is vital.  Here's how:
  • cover only one point at a time
  • pull out the juiciest information to highlight
  • add the page number for a book where they can find more of the information
  • answer questions they might want to ask
  • slip in teasers for in-depth information
  • make them active and positive
How do you set about constructing bullets?

  1. Take the piece of tex you're writing and on index cards, write down the  most important facts, featrues of the product or service you're promoting.
  2. For each fact and feature, create a benefit for the user.
  3. Look at each benefit in turn and write it in not more than 10 words.  you can use longer bullets but limiting yourself to 10 words makes you focus on the essentials.
It takes practice at dashing off bullets but once you've acquired the skill you'll be amazed how many ways you can use that skill.

  1. Create bullets for anything you write - a great way to give you the skeleton of a piece.
  2. Write a 60 second introduction to your business using connected bullets.
  3. Talk or write about the essential benefits of your business - fast.
Bullets are the essential bones of your business writing.  If you can't make lively bullets from what you're writing, you sneed to change it.

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