Friday, 7 May 2010

Article writing strategy; how to create a winning formula

Article writing is an important part of creating your presence on or offline.  A contact of mine recently had an article published in her peer journal enhancing her already solid reputation.

How can you make your articles stand out from others?

Increasing the value your reader finds in your articles is the only way to go.

Imagine you're building a house.  You do it brick by brick from the bottom to give the house solid foundations.  Start at the top and your house is likely to fall down very fast.

It's the same in writing articles.  Here are 3 key strategies for consistent article writing.

  1. Decide what you can write about:  create a list ot topics you can cover.
  2. Create a way of writing fast: making yourself some templates for articles means that you can ring the changes effectively.
  3. Decide on a writing strategy: because you're busy, you might put off writing articles 'until you're less busy.  But you can write articles anywhere.  Between appointments, on train journeys or at a time when you're focused and most efficient.
The key point in using articles as part of your strategy is to being consistent.  Many people wait for time and inspiration.  Be open and flexible and the ideas will come.  Be committed and you'll surprise yourself by how fast you can write them.

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