Monday, 10 May 2010

Business writing: how to write to communicate and connect

Writing is a fundamental skill in business.  But it terrifies many business people. 


They're afraid of the blank page.
They're afraid of grammar and punctuation which they believe are there to expose their weaknesses.
In short they're afraid of getting it wrong.

Let's look at what we're trying to achieve when we write.

Whether we're writing for business or we're would be novelists, our aim is to make some connection with our reader.  That's it plain and simple.  Because without that connection the reader won't turn the page.

That's essential in business isn't it.  And even if they won't turn the page, i.e. on a website, you still want them to keep reading.  Because and let's be honest here, you want in the short or long term to sell them something.

What motivates most business people is not merely the desire to make money, but to offer something you're passionate about.  Something that will help people lead happier, more fulfilled, healthier, richer lives.

That's why passion is the key to connecting.

Imagine you want to buy something.  Who are you more likely to buy from?  Someone who just mumbles and mutters and shows no enthusiasm.  Or someone who looks you in the eyes and tells you honestly what the product can, and as important, can't do.

So you need to drill down to the reasons you want to pass on this product or service.  What do you believe about it that you can transmit in what you say or write?

Be proud of what you're offering.  Be passionate about how it can help people.  Always write as if you're speaking directly to one person at a time because only one will read it at a time.

When you write from that core of belief, your writing will sing and connect with those it can help.

Let me know what's happened to you when you've written from your core beliefs instead of writing from the surface.

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