Saturday, 10 July 2010

Language and how we define words

Recently I started a training course to become a volunteer at a local hospice.  The course, the people and much of what happens on it has to be regarded as confidential.

However much of the course has focused on making us think more deeply about how we view certain people and situations. 

And about the language we use and how we define certain things.

We're a mixed bunch in terms of ages, but not in diversity terms so it might be thought that we'd have similar approaches to many of the subjects under consideration.  That's not always the case so there have been some interesting debates. 

We're all guilty of using words in an imprecise way and since I spend my time weighing words, trying to decide between this word and that, not using language with intent makes me cross that i'm not paying enough attention to it.

Being in a different setting, made me think about using words again.  The course has taken me out of my comfort zone in many ways, not only my language zone and that can only be a useful event.

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