Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Screenplay writing workshop

When I arrived home on Saturday evening, my sister looked at me and laughed.  Because I said to her that my brain was fried.

I'd had a completely brilliant, exhausting and mind expanding day at a workshop on how to write screenplays with the brilliant Michael Eaton.

What an encouraging faciliator he was, helping us to take ideas and by the end of the day see them as more fleshed out and in some cases almost a complete outline of a film.

Since I'm always banging on about structure to my clients to help them write more easily I was heartened to see that Michael had a very clear structure of how he works and creates such powerful plays such as the ones he did on Lockerbie, Harold Shipman and the Stalker enquiry.  But he has done adaptations as well and he talked about using the process for that too.

All in all an excellent day and interesting to meet other writers who all shared their thoughts and ideas so generously with the group.

This workshop was put on by Nottingham Writers Studio based in The Lacemarket.  It's the first of three, the second being headed by Nicola Monahan on Planning and Developing you Novel and the third headed by Jon Mcgregor on Editing Fiction.

For more information go to http://www.nottinghamwritersstudio.co.uk/

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