Wednesday, 21 July 2010

What has poetry to do with business?

Are you replying nothing?

Maybe you're right but what if poetry could be used as a creative stimulus, a breaking down of barriers or a recognition of shared problems?

I've had the chance to read a poetry collection about just that.  Running a business and how you deal with all the challenges.

Fascinating reading and I'm hoping that the poet and business entrepreneur will tell us more about what writing means for her.  I've asked her to blog about her experiences of writing the poems about her business.

When we chatted  yesterday sharing some ideas and thoughts about business and writing I said that the poems had me saying, 'I can remember feeling that' or 'That's happened to me. 

The poetic language and rhythms heightened the intensity of the memories and experience.

Do you have any experience of poetry and your business that you can share with us?  If so I'd love to hear about them and maybe you can write a post also.

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