Monday, 4 October 2010

Creativity and blocks

This morning I've been reading some more chapters of my client, Sarah Dale's manuscript. Since the chapters I'd been checking were about taking lunch breaks and exercise I thought I'd better take her advice.  So I've just allowed myself a short walk by the local canal.  After yesterday's rain, and boy did it throw it down, it was a pleasure to see all the sunny colours reflected in the water.

Sarah discusses the effect of burnout on creativity and she's quite right in what she says.

Can't remember if I told her but I taught stress management back in the 1990s, mostly to parents in schools and even then, they were meeting themselves coming back with all the demands on their time.

And that remember was pre the pressure of the internet and WiFi and so on and still they couldn't cope.

As Sarah again proposes, creativity isn't limited to those who are regarded as 'artistic'.  I place it in quotes because so many of us have refused to believe we're creative because we don't produce pictures, or play an instrument or write Booker Prize winning novels.

Having worked through my own challenges in that area, I can vouch that creativity isn't only for the 'artistic'.
Anyone who can solve a problem can show creativity; anyone who can stimulate a child to learn is creative and anyone who can sew a seam straight is in my book creative.

I'm still working my way through Julia Cameron's book, The Artist's Way and finding it valuable in opening up my vision of what's possible if and when I remove any limits from what I think is possible.

Here's one exercise she recomends.  Think of 5 careers you might enjoy.  Then watch as you start to get prompts about them.  Once you blow off the dust from your dreams, who's to tell what might happen.

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