Saturday, 16 October 2010

Why write a book?

Every author I've worked with, including myself, asks the question, 'why would people want to hear what I say?'

When I was talked into writing Writer's Little Book... with Big Ideas, I wondered about doing it.  Make no mistake, writing a book, however much you love writing, needs your determination and stamina.

So you might think, is it worth the effort?

Having done it and encouraged and helped others to do it I'd give you a resounding YES!

Well you might say, I would say that wouldn't I since I have  several books to sell.  (Thanks for reminding me of that and I'll give you the link to go and take a look).  But beyond that...

... stop for a moment and think. 

Of your life experience
Of your unique position in the world
Of your voice

Perhaps you're thinking, I'm not unique.  But you are because no other human being has ever stood in the place you are at this moment, looking at the world from your eyes.

Pretty spooky when you consider it like that isn't it?  I know it makes me think.

So even if you write on the same topic as 40 or 400 other writers, it's not going to come out exactly like anybody else.  Unless you copy word for word and we know that's not on.

Whenever I've started something new, a course of study, a new job, a new project, I've said to myself, 'If I can help someone else just one other person to deal with their life, make progress or find the courage to make a change,  then I'll be happy.'

Just one other person.  That's who you might reach with your book.  And you might be the only person who can reach them.

And if that's the case, what will happen to that person if you don't share what you know?

Whether you're going to lift their spirits, help them learn a new skill or open a door into a different way of life, that's what you're sharing.  Far beyond merely the words on the page.

If you have that book burning away inside of you, let it out.  Until you let it out you have no idea of its impact not only on others but on you.

Because the first person it will change is you.

And if you need help, head over to 

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