Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Lapse in blogging

When I signed on to blog this morning I was surprised and then felt guilty that I hadn't blogged since the 7th.  Now that's not a long time for some people on their blogs but I try to blog at least 5 times a week.

So since I'm always interested when people tell me they can't or won't blog, what stopped me?

I can put my hand up and say on a couple of days I thought, I'll do it later then ran out of time while chasing deadlines for clients.  One day, Saturday, I didn't switch on the computer at all; committed to friends in the morning then watching the Commonwealth Games in the afternoon..

Oh and because I try to make this wider than only my thoughts, I hadn't gathered any interesting information from anywhere to pass on.

I'm still trying to persuade someone to blog for me but for some reason she thinks it's technical and it's freaking her out.  She's another writer, an intelligent person but she seems to have this block about it.  I've long since got over that but still...

For me, there's no excuse so as my school reports told me for 7 years 'Eileen can do better'.

Speak again tomorrow.

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