Friday, 18 March 2011

Kinokuniya bookshop KLCC

Wandered round one of the major shopping complexes in Kuala Lumpur on Tuesday. Starting on the ground floor with the most upmarket stores. Then right at the top was the bookshop. My mouth was watering as I walked in with the extensive array of shelves ahead of me.

I was a bit like a bee flitting from flower to flower in search of honey and unsure where to go first!

Then I found something I'd wanted to look at for some time, pulled the book off the shelves then found I couldn't open it because it was shrink wrapped. As were all the books or the greater part of them.

Disappointment on. Mega scale. Frustration like seeing a display of cakes and finding them all to be plastic.

What I didn't realize till I talked to my niece later was that you could ask them to remove the plastic and it didn't matter if you chose not to buy.

Too much politeness in the face of other's rules!

Still it probably saved me a small fortune.

While in the KLCC we went to my niece's office to look out over the city. Several floors above the sky bridge it offered a view of a city still growing and thriving. General air of confidence everywhere unlike in the UK at the moment.

Food is varied, cheap to eat out though I'm still getting my head around the multiples in the currency. One bill came to a total of 73 yesterday and my head was still saying £s when we'd only spent a small amount.

Still a couple of days here then back home. I'm dipping into more of my niece's books. In the time available I'll only manage to finish one but there are several I may be able to take home with me and blog about later.

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