Friday, 11 March 2011

What do you read on a plane?

I'm taking an unexpected flight to Malaysia tomorrow for family matters.  It's nearly 30 years since I visited and one of the things I remembered about those journeys was the tedium.

The flights are shorter now thank goodness.  And I'm taking my trusty mp3 player which gives me restful music, food for thought and meditation material.

But still I have to have books.  Since I don't have a Kindle or other device, that limits the number I take and it's hard to predict what will interest, amuse and engage me at 30,000 feet in the middle of what feels like several nights.

So far I've only chosen a Patricia Cornwell that came as a Christmas gift and I haven't opened.  Sufficiently short and sufficiently full of action to keep me awake.  But I need a choice... just in case.

I've discarded several for length, heaviness, in physical as well as intellectual weight.  Shall I r e-read a favourite?

It's more difficult than choosing what to wear.  And I guess now I'm looking at the Kindle and its fellows with more interest!

I'm not sure how much time I'll have to sightsee but I hope I might manage to scoot through a bookshop or two and since my niece who I'm visiting is the literary type, I may even get to meet some of her writing buddies.

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  1. I've only been on a few flights in my life and although I took loads to read I read next to nothing. Mind you I was travelling with my wife and so we ended up talking most of the way. My gut feeling would be to go for short stories. I did read some flash fiction and poetry - that I remember.