Monday, 2 May 2011

Ann Cleeves and Vera Stanhope

Better writers than me will be praising the adaptation of the Vera Stanhope crime novels after the first episode last night..  These are just my thoughts.

I came late to reading Ann Cleeves and my sister had been urging me to try the books for some time.  Recently I read Blue Lightning with the character Jimmy Perez set in Shetland and Telling Tales where Vera is brought in on a missolved crime.

Loved the character of Vera and who wouldn't.  Real, earthy and sharp.  And Brenda Blethyn was the perfect interpreter.  Perfect for me because she disappeared into the role.  All I saw was Vera.

This morning I've been looking at Ann Cleeves website and read some of her diary.  One of the things I picked up was her thoughts on appearances in bookshops and the difference between the mainstream and the independents.

To check it out see

and the bookshops she mentions

Funny seeing the name Urmston again.  When I worked at Lancashire County Libraries in the circulating department, Urmston was one of the places we sent books to on our Manchester area run.

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