Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Anthony Trollope

During each winter my sister and I chose a DVD series for those evenings when it's wall to wall house renovation programmes on the television.

This winter we chose The Pallisers by Anthony Trollope; a series of books about the antics and activities of the upper classes around 1870.  Part of the series is about political ins and outs, manipulation and jockeying for position.

All the way through the series there have been some classic statements about power and what it does to people. The episode we watched at the weekend was about the fate of a coalition government. 

Forget modern politcal journalism; even with all the new technology we have, the behaviour doesn't change and that's why I love reading Trollope.  His acute and accurate reflections on human nature are a joy to read and see represented.

Yes I guess his style is a bit wordy for our modern tastes but I think it's worth persevering for the pleasure of the gems you find in it.

Co-incidentally it would have been his birthday on Sunday.

The series is available on DVD; made in 1970s; it even gives you time to read the credits and chances to spot well known actors in their early days.  Including Michael Cochrane(now a senior figure in The Archers) and Anthony Andrews and Jeremy Irons, playing together before Brideshead Revisited.

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