Thursday, 2 February 2012

How to create a book - fast

Writing articles is a great way to offer short, targeted information to your readers.  Having exerted yourself to produce the article why not make more use of it?

Turn your articles into a book.

What me an author you cry?  Of course you an author.  And to your cry of why me, my answer is, Why Not?

Today’s internet technology with self publishing companies takes the hard work out of it.  No longer do you have to worry about the technical aspects of publishing.  They guide you every step of the way.

And what better calling card can you have than a book?  Proves you know what you're talking about.

Gone are the days when you're at the mercy of publishing houses.  One of my clients chose to self publish.  Why?  Because she then was in control of the time the book emerged and how it was marketed.

If you have any kind of social media presence, you can strengthen your position... ahead of time by dropping hints about what you're doing.
If you still need convincing, here are three reasons for writing to help you decide on the type of articles you can write that will form the core of the book.

Make sure your writing is market driven
Listen to the feedback you receive from your customers.

When you analyse your Google stats and customer testimonials they tell you what your customers and prospects are interested in.

Run an online survey.  Link it from a newsletter where you talk about a problem in your market.  Ask them what their priorities are.
When you collate this information, certain topics will rise to the surface every time. That's what you need to focus on..

Even if you only have 50 pages of information., it doesn't matter.  As long as that information is valuable to your reader, people will pay you for it.

Use all your offline networking skills

Talk to people.  Everywhere.  Depends of course what your products or services cover.  Go where your customers meet.  School gates, golf clubs, dancing studios.  Doesn't matter where as long as you can get some face to face feedback about what's needed.

Or how about taking someone out to lunch.  Listen, listen and listen some more.  If they have no objection, record it then transcribe the information. 
Even if you hate the thought of it, giving talks is a great way of connecting.  Go in with an open mind, and some specific information you know will be helpful.  It may take a few talks before you feel comfortable; it did for me.  But doing it offers you ideas and possibilities you might not see otherwise.

Be social media savvy
Haven’t time to spend on Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter? Think of it as market research again rather than being a waste of time. One of my clients is using discussion forums to start conversations as a way of refining the topics she’s chosen for her book.

What’s surprised her, because she normally works in a local area is that the commenting is global.  It changed her perspective on her book from - oh little unknown me, to I have the chance to influence people globally.

It’s opened up her thinking about how to present the information and the topics to focus on. From being a rather reluctant writer, she’s become much more involved in the process of creating what people need.

I hope I've started you thinking about a book, even if it still scares you. Having done it, I can tell you it frightened me. But take it in easy stages and you can do.

Any book you write will find an audience, if you make sure that you’re addressing the problems that people suffer and need solving.


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