Saturday, 25 February 2012

How to write for your business: making that real connection with your reader

I’ve talked in other articles about the passion that led you into your business and how you need to project that passion in your writing.

3 strategies to use to energise your writing:

1. Create a picture of your reader.

2. Hold in your mind what you can do for them.

3. Connect at a deep level with them.

It’s easy to lose sight of these elements when we’re in a hurry to write for our website, an article or brochure. Deadlines, deadlines, deadlines can cause us to skate over the surface of what we want to say.

Taking time to dig deeper can have positive results and unexpected benefits.

1. Create a picture of your reader

When I was learning to write for business I was taught to create a profile of my ideal reader for the product or service I was writing about. Everything down to what type of shoes they might wear and what they ate for breakfast. At the time it seemed overkill to me but try talking to your audience  individuals

After all, only one person at a time reads your words... even if someone is reading over a friend's shoulder, they're still reading in their own way at their own pace.  Each person interprets what they read based on their experience.  To prove that ask a few people you trust to read something of yours and watch as they each come up with a different reaction.

Listening to your customers, really listening, not merely trying to sell them, will lead to a deeper understanding of their needs. And that’s what we all want isn’t it? To be understood as individuals.

2. Hold in your mind what you can do for them

Whenever I write for a client, my focus is on what result they want.  Yes of course I want to write the best piece possible.  But it's not about my writing and how elegant or precise it might be.
I try to imagine the client they're aiming at.  What are their needs, their desires, their fears?

My goal is to help my client make the best connection possible with those individuals.  Holding that intention in your mind can cause you to write in a different way.

3. Connect at a deep level with them

What you write about your business has this possibility of changing someone’s life. In what I’ve helped clients to write I’ve seen the impact on individuals.

I’ve seen people who didn’t think they could write, create not only websites but books. I’ve seen people change their lives by means of coaching they’ve received from a generous spirit. And I’ve seen the business owner change as a result.

Let your writing express your emotions; create your individual position and trust that you’ll connect with those who need you.

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