Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Homestaging your book

Have you ever thought about how people will approach looking at your book?  Of course it would be great if they started at the front, read all the way through to the end and considered the whole thing totally wonderful.

From experience as a librarian,writer and observer of book buyers, that's not what happens.

I've seen the following happen:
  • start at the back and look at the comments
  • flick through to see how long the chapters are
  • go to the introduction to learn about the author
In short, every which way happens.  Which is why you need to consider this not only when writing the book but working out the layout.

I'd equate it to how people view houses for sale.  Some are thinking about the plumbing, some about the garden and still others wondering how they can fit in all their ornaments.

And you need to consider how your writing can appeal to all of them.

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