Monday, 19 March 2012

Writing for your business: 5 ways to generate ideas

Look at your books
Choose 3 books. Write down wny you bought, borrowed or stole them from friends. Analyse why you like or dislike them. Check how easy or difficult they are to use. Can you write something on the same subject in a different way? Or can you write something in the same way on your own expertise?

 Listen to what your family, friends or work colleagues grouse and complain about
Does the same problem keep coming up? Maybe it’s a problem common to mums in your neighbourhood. Or a practical problem with equipment at work. Or some member of your family always struggles with technical whatsits that are easy peasy for you to sort

Start to ask around and find out if it’s the same more widely. What you hear will spark off some ideas.

Do some research
Write down 10 topics.  Needn't be anything to do with what you offer. Now dig for some research on the web, in your local bookstore or newsagent. Find out what is written about them. Out of your 10 words you might come up with a couple of suggestions to create articles, blog ideas or a book.

Make connections
Successful companies are not always those who only innovate. They’re also the ones who make the connections other people don’t consider. Allow your mind to range widely and think about connecting successful ideas, methods and systems from one sector and apply it to another one.

 Help yourself to generate more ideas
Creativity is not some talent only the few have access to. You can increase the flow of ideas in practical ways. Use an ideas capturing system. Can be as simple as a small jotter and pencil tucked in a pocket or bag. Or as complex as a recording system. Choose whatever works for you.

Then make sure you use it.

Just as your muscles react to regular exercise by being more efficient, so you creative juices flow in response to you paying attention.  Of course not every idea will be a winner.  But you know you may only need one to hit the jackpot.

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