Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Being an author - the importance to your business

Yesterday I attended the Nottingham Women of Influence luncheon organised for the 16th year by that remarkable lady Carol Parkinson for the benefit of Macmillan Cancer Care.

As always it was fun to be with so many other competent and effective women. The level of sharing and support is a reminder of how great we are as a group. Sorry guys, there were a few men there and we love you really, but as Carol said, after years of being token people in a male business world we have to cherish these times.

What is pertinent for this site - a home and I hope an increasing refuge for writers, particularly women, is that both the speakers had books to promote.

It interested me that one of the speakers, a coach from the US had published her own book. Now in these days of celebrities heading up the best seller book list it's encouraging to think that an internationally renowned coach has taken the route of self publishing.

It underlines what I believe. That the playing field for us to be authors, be published and be internationally known is as level as it's been in years. With all the new technology, the social media sites and our own networks supporting us we're in a great position to do as good a job or better than traditional publishing companies.

Would I turn down an international publishing contract if someone offered me one tomorrow? Of course not. But and it's a big but - I'd want to know exactly what I was getting in the way of promotional effort from the publisher before I signed up.

Particularly as a writer of non-fiction, having control of your own material, being able to use it to promote your business in the way you want it to do, has to be key for us business people.

So if you still haven't written that book - honestly - what's stoppping you?

Will it be on your New Year to-do list - again?

Just make yourself a promise that you can and will do it. And if I can help you in any way I certainly will.

Being an author is great fun... and is a wonderful conversation creator.

What conversations would you like it to create for you?

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