Wednesday, 18 November 2009

How to write a successful book

I'm always fascinated by the process people use to achieve their goals. And it's no different when I look at writers. Every writer has their own method and as in NLP, adopting successful writing strategies from others might be just what you need.

I found these in an item from the Guardian Review, 14 November 2009 quoting research carried out by the Wall Street Journal.

  • lying in bed, speaking to a laptop computer with voice recognition software
  • taking on the clothes and appearance of a major character to get inside their mind
  • drafting in notebooks, typing drafts then revising, then make a tape recording of reading the book
  • reading books that characters might read
  • writing in longhand and computer
  • taking showers if you get stuck

To paraphase a well known quote,'If we always write in the way we've written, we may well always get the same results.

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