Thursday, 19 November 2009

How to win a major book deal

The trouble with us writers is that often all we want to do is write. And these days that's not enough.

Item from Writer's Almanac about Christoper Paolini author of Eragon.

Self published a book it took him 2 years to write. Then he took it out on promotional tour. Not one event, not two, not even ten. No he went to 135 events. Then was offered 2 deals.

Now maybe you're saying well I couldn't do that. But the lessons I take from this story are these:
  1. He didn't sit there waiting for a deal to come to him.
  2. He believed in himself and his book.
  3. He had people round him to support him.

Now we may not be able to do promotion on the scale he did but then we need to think what tools do we have to use.

Social networking and what you can do on the internet has levelled the playing field for creative people.

Digital printing has brought down the cost of self publishing.

The knowledge and influence is no longer in the hands of the few.

If we believe in our writing, if we believe it can entertain, educate or help sustain people, then the tools are there for us.

All it takes is the will from us.

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