Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Going to hell in a handcart?

My client Sarah Dale asked this question last week in her news update.  I suppose one of the upsides of ageing is the longer perspective it gives you.  An even longer perspective comes from studying history.

What surprises me often these days is why people are surprised about things that happen in high places.  Money plus power leads to arrogance and exclusion of the majority.  Not inevitable maybe but more common than not.

One of my favourite writers is Dorothy Dunnett and the two series of books she wrote.  The Lymond series I know best having reread all six most years.  It's the period I studied in history at school so I know it on an intellectual level which she then gives me at a visceral level.  And there's very little difference between the behaviour of the Italian bankers in her books and what's going on around us.

The difference now is that we know more about it, faster.  Or think we do.  Back in Tudor times, the peasants assumed that their betters were not on their side.  We hope the people with the power are.

Hell in a handcart?  As Sarah points out there's a lot of good news out there.  Maybe our opportunity with all our wonderful technology is to join the positive together.  Like a dot to dot. 

Then who knows we may end up going to heaven in a comfortable bed.

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